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Survival or Success?

Bob Scott opens the conference with an overview of the current regulatory changes to address all those connected with pension schemes and some of the bigger issues affecting right now.

What’s on the Pensions Regulator’s agenda?

Sarah Smart joined us to talk about pensions regulation – how TPR sees existing regulation working and what’s coming up

The importance of journey planning, and what it means in practice

Jon Forsyth speaks about journey planning, including the importance of having a strategic plan and prioritising resources in the face of such a huge amount on pension scheme agendas.

Jon’s key takeaways for his session:

  • Prioritise your resources effectively
  • Agree and document your strategic journey plan
  • Know what actions you’ll take if you’re blown off course

Net Zero - the mega-theme of our time

Dan Mikulskis covers steps that any pension scheme can take to align their portfolio with Net Zero.

Dan’s key takeaways for his session:

  • Net Zero is about managing risk to investment
  • As much a corporate bonds story as it is an equity story
  • Pooled funds exist to help your scheme address climate risk and align with Net Zero and up the game on stewardship

The “S” in ESG What does it mean for pension investors?

Laasya Shekaran explores the strong financial case for considering social issues.

Laasya’s key takeaways for her session:

  • Social risks are here to stay
  • Problem! Integrating this stuff is hard but important
  • Think big!

Pension scams – A changing landscape

Daniel Jacobson covers changes to the legislation around the statutory right to transfer and what it means for trustees.

Daniel’s key takeaways for his session:

  • Doing nothing is not an option
  • It’s better to defend a transfer you stopped than a scam that went ahead
  • Engage with members, administrator and legal adviser

The potential enduring legacy of Covid-19 on mortality

Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard presents original insights into the increasingly different trends in mortality across populations and how Covid-19 has, and may continue to, exacerbate these differences for years to come.

Jonathan’s key takeaways for his session:

  • Mortality experiences increasingly different pre & during pandemic - likely to continue
  • Pandemic direct and indirect impacts vary across ages
  • Mortality legacy of covid-19 likely to far outlast the pandemic itself 

Mythbusters: Governance edition

Rachika Cooray debunks common governance myths. Her session covers the changes introduced by the single code of practice, diversity on trustee boards, and how trustees can effectively use hybrid working to support decision making.

Rachika’s key takeaways for her session:

  • Assess your scheme against the requirements of the single code of practice
  • Start considering board diversity & inclusion and how to address behavioural risks
  • Get the most out of your hybrid meetings

De-risking tools and products – what’s available to help your scheme complete its journey

Yadu Dashora identifies solutions to form part of your strategic plan with a focus on the bulk annuity market, superfund consolidators and other emerging products and innovations.

Yadu’s key takeaways for his session:

  • Work out how and when you will get to your chosen destination
  • Consider which other products may be attractive in other scenarios
  • Review emerging products as the market and your scheme evolve

The unfinished business of Pension Freedoms

Sir Steve Webb highlights key issues which will affect outcomes for individual pensioners, including pension transfers, the link between pensions and benefits and pension options post-retirement.

Sir Steve’s key takeaways for his session:

  • Advice / Guidance - especially around DB transfers
  • Post-retirement choices - role of annuities, need for ongoing review
  • Interaction with benefits – growing issue, need more support for members

Our annual pensions conference sketch

State pension age continues to rise and the government has announced that the national minimum age for access to pensions will rise to 57 with effect from April 2028 and the recent finance bill confirmed how the new arrangements would work. However, the change has been beset with problems. In this sketch, we explore how these changes might affect an ordinary person.