Covenant – how to plan effectively for the long term in the face of change

In this article, Helen Abbott describes how contingency planning, including regular covenant monitoring, can help protect pension schemes from unforeseen events in the longer term.

Helen Abbott

What I learnt measuring my carbon footprint

Dan Mikulskis advises clients on how they can address climate risks, measure the carbon intensity of their portfolios, and make changes to better align their strategies. But what did he discover when he looked into how well he does personally?

Dan Mikulskis

The silent S in ESG

When we think about our investments, we don’t usually think about social issues – but we may be surprised to find out what goes on under the bonnet of our investments. LCP's Laasya Shekaran explains more in her article.

Laasya Shekaran

Pension Scams

In this article, Daniel Jacobson looks back at nearly 30 years of pension scams - from the personal pensions misselling saga of the 1990s to pensions "liberation" and cold-calling in more recent years.

Daniel Jacobson

Geographical variations in health outcomes in England highlight the need for advanced analytics

Dr Mei Chan and Dr Rebecca Sloan highlight the links between levels of health and socio-economic factors and conclude that the future of the nation’s health will require advanced analytics to facilitate more informed decision-making.

Dr Mei Chan and Dr Rebecca Sloan

Top tips for “business different”

With Covid-19 safety restrictions now lifted, Rachika Cooray and Peter Shaw share their top governance tips for achieving success in a “business different” world.

Rachika Cooray and Peter Shaw

The Pensions Regulator’s Single Code of Practice

In this article, we outline five actions you can take now to be prepared for the new Code.

Rachika Cooray and Katie Walker

Finding the right de-risking solutions for your journey plan

In this article, Sam Jenkins notes the emergence of a range of de-risking options that could complement traditional solutions to help you design a more resilient path to your end goal for your pension scheme.

Sam Jenkins and Yadu Dashora

Overview of pension freedoms

Justine sits down with Sir Steve to discuss his thoughts on key issues which will affect the outcomes for individual pensioners. Justine Joy and Sir Steve Webb

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