LCP life

LCP keeps people and the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of our business and future strategy.

Success for us is about much more than growth and income, it’s about building our business with the best interests of our people, clients, communities, suppliers and the environment always front of mind.

Take a look at our CSR policy and some of the achievements of our people.

Find out more about LCP's diversity and inclusion journey and our future goals to striving to build an inclusive workplace, where everyone is valued. Explore the interactive story here.

Clients Always Receive Exceptional Service

LCP CARES is a central part of our culture at LCP and fundamental to the way we work, both with each other, our clients and the wider community. Our clients have told us that it’s our people, approach and culture that matters most to them, and we agree – exceptional service begins internally. That’s why we’re determined that everyone at LCP has the opportunity to fulfil their potential and make a difference, no matter what their role.

LCP Foundation

Contributing to the wellbeing, prosperity and health of the wider community is also something that we take seriously. As a result:

  • We work to reduce our environmental impact.
  • We donate at least £150k per year to charity via the LCP Foundation.
  • We liaise with and support local charities.
  • We proactively support and participate in the issues that matter to us and our people.

Diversity and inclusion at LCP

At LCP we strive to build an inclusive workplace where everyone is valued and can truly fulfil their potential, and we believe the best way to do this is by embracing all forms of diversity. We are proud of our ongoing commitment to diversity & inclusion.


Supporting diversity is the right thing to do, but it’s also the smart thing to do. Nurturing a people-first, inclusive and diverse workplace helps us to sustain the best possible service as we support our people to bring the breadth of their experiences and skills to their roles, achieve their goals and be driven to go the extra mile for our clients. We believe that diverse and inclusive organisations are:

  • Better places to work, as working openly together creates an environment where everyone can thrive.
  • Better at decision-making and innovation.
  • Reflective of the values of our clients and the values of their employees.
  • Ultimately more successful businesses as a result.

This is why D&I is at the core of our People Principles, driving how we work with our people and making sure we recruit and retain the best talent. We want to create a level playing field where diversity is truly valued and all are included. We know this is also very important to many who work at LCP – over 25% of our graduate and intern applications this year mentioned LCP’s approach to D&I being a key reason that they want to work with us.

Our D&I Steering Group is responsible for driving our strategy, and our four thriving, employee-led Networks run a high-octane programme of initiatives to increase awareness and help break down the barriers that can hinder retention and progression. In the past 18 months alone we have released over 30 internal bitesize D&I videos and hosted over 2,500 people across 20 internal and 4 external events.

We are proud of how far we’ve come on our D&I journey and were very pleased to have won several industry awards over the past few years. However, we also recognise that we are not done yet and continue to learn more and improve further. We see D&I as a collaborative effort to address systemic inequality, improve representation and work toward building a more inclusive sector and society, and we were very pleased to be part of a wide range of initiatives across the pensions, insurance and investment industries. This includes representation on groups run by the IFoA, the Diversity Project, TPR, the PLSA and numerous others. We also co-founded O:Pen, the new pensions industry LGBT+ Network and have worked with a number of other groups and charities, whether that be as member organisations, fundraising, or to receive training.