Useful resources

Here are some resources you may find helpful.

Is your focus on individual members?

On point paper - Mind the transfer advice gap

In this joint paper with Aviva, we explore the state of the DB transfer market.

On point paper - Is there a right time to buy an annuity?

In this paper we explore if there is a right time to buy an annuity and when that time might be.

How do you ensure regulatory risks are managed?

Pension Schemes Act hub

Take a look at our Pension Schemes Act insight hub to find out more about how the new law impacts you.

New TPR powers: what do you need to do now?

In our on-demand webinar, we explore how the new TPR powers are already influencing sponsor and trustee behaviour, with real-life case studies of where we have recently supported sponsor and trustee boards to navigate the impact of the forthcoming changes.

Is your journey nearing its end and de-risking is on the table?

Pensions de-risking report

Our latest de-risking report encourages schemes to grasp the nettle when it comes to making their strategic decisions so that they don’t miss out in a busy market.


Your de-risking journey – How to find a safe landing

Watch our on-demand webinar to equip yourself with a practical, five step strategic plan, tailored to the size of your scheme and where you are on your journey.

Do you want to address the impact that climate change might have on your scheme?

Tip of the iceberg: How UK institutional investors are responding to climate risks

We carried out the first ever comprehensive climate risk profiling of a large dataset of UK institutional investors. Here we share our analysis, emerging themes and most importantly what steps you can take today to manage exposure to climate-related risks.


Are you at the early stages of planning your journey?

Chart your own course report

Our interactive report will help you to navigate the issues facing your scheme today, as well as plan to overcome the risks of tomorrow, by setting out a six-point journey plan.


How do I chart my own course?

Tune in to our on-demand webinar which draws out highlights from our Chart your own course report and focuses on how to address challenges in today’s changing pensions landscape.

The evolution of covenant advice

Register for our upcoming webinar to find out more about updated regulation, legislation and the impact of Covid-19 are all leading to the rapid evolution of the covenant landscape.

Rolling on the river - the right direction but still a way to go for DC schemes

Find out the results of our DC survey in our report which explores the implications for the outlook of DC pensions.

Helping you make the right decisions on GMP equalisation

In our upcoming webinar, our experts will share their experience from GMP equalisation projects that we have completed to help you move forward with your project and make the right decisions for your scheme.

Contingent Funding Handbook

Explore our new interactive Contingent Funding Handbook: protecting members’ benefits while enabling businesses to grow, helping sponsors and trustees understand the range of options available, and how to use them.


Are you interested in hearing more about current health trends and how they impact your scheme?

ONS Health Index Explorer

See the health index in your area, how it has changed over time and compares to other local authorities.

LCP Covid-19 Tracker

Tracking the current prevalence of Covid-19 across the country is vital to inform national and local measures. The LCP Tracker uses ONS and PHE data to provide an estimate of current prevalence of Covid-19 by region across England.

How does health compare across different local authorities?

Use our interactive visualisation to explore and compare key statistics for local authorities in England, including health, education, employment and economic administrative data.

Are you a sponsor?

Accounting for Pensions

Our annual Accounting for Pensions report presents a concise analysis of the pensions facts, figures and trends revealed by FTSE100 companies reporting in 2020, including pension provision for executives. Now in its 28th year, it will help anyone involved in reading or preparing accounts to understand and benchmark these pensions arrangements.

Employee wellbeing - The changing dynamics of financial health

Our financial wellbeing report explores the impacts of Covid-19 on the nation’s financial health, the changing landscape of financial behaviour and the role of the workplace. The report also explores the regional impacts of job loss, furlough and changing personal income as well as seeing how priorities have changed in the last 12 months.

How do I manage behavioural risks for my scheme?

Behavioural insights hub

Find out about how we help our clients understand behavioural biases to support them to make robust decisions and achieve better outcomes for their members.