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Helping you set a dynamic and holistic strategic plan

We believe that the key ingredients of a successful strategic plan include clarity on your long-term funding target, a full understanding of the risks and opportunities on the way and a clear set of actions to follow in different scenarios. This gives a strategy that is resilient to changing circumstances.

Our health check service will help you identify and prioritise your next steps so can you get to grips with where you are going and set a clear plan to get there.

It can be useful if you are:

  • Unsure on how best to start creating your plan
  • Want to review where you should be prioritising over the short to medium term
  • Need clarity on whether your long-term funding target is achievable in the timeframe you have set out
  • Would benefit from a deeper understanding of the risks your scheme might face
  • Want an independent view of your current plans

The health check focuses on the following key areas:

Identifying objectives and understanding your options

  • Identifying common trustee and sponsor objectives and understanding areas of difference
  • Understanding the different options for your long-term funding target through an IRM lens and from all stakeholder perspectives

How to robustly validate your starting position and assess the timescales to reach your target

  • Helping you understand where you are today and the likely timescales to reach your long-term funding target….
  • ….and the risks and opportunities along the way including climate risks and opportunities

How to build an 'all-weather' plan with clear actions in different situations

  • How to create a flexible and actionable plan which can adapt to different outcomes
  • Setting clear actions to undertake eg investment de-risking and liability management exercises

Putting a work plan and robust governance framework in place

  • How to decide what to do next and prioritise value-add actions
  • How to build a robust governance framework to support your plan

How to be on the front foot to manage and execute your strategic plan

  • Active monitoring of your plan to identify opportunities and mitigate risks
  • How to ensure seamless implementation



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