Rise of the African institutional investors

Norbert Fullerton discusses how institutional investors across Africa are helping to rise even stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic and build back the wealth in their nations.

Have we moved past ‘emerging markets’?

Madeline Chelper dives into emerging market equities and the diverse set of opportunities they present to investors.

The rise of the retail investor

Retail investors have burst into headlines over the last year or so. Jennifer Davidson takes us through the potential risks and opportunities we see in this new world - covering all things memestocks.


Money makes the world go round. But what is it? Nikki Matthews covers the evolution of money and the implications of Govcoins, with takeaways for long-term investors.

Social Investments: Positive social good and risk-adjusted returns

Laasya Shekaran looks at why focussing on social issues is so important for the investment industry – and where the opportunities to do social good while still getting great returns lie.

Social Investments: Your strategic allocation to slavery

Sadly, slavery is still a significant problem. And most investment portfolios are likely to have some exposure to it. Shyam Gharial delves into what modern slavery is, and how you can take action against it.

Building the new normal

What is the future of investing in buildings? James Baldwin explores trends including increased reliance on e-commerce, the impact of flexible working and the emergence of a number of niche sectors.

Asset-backed securities

James Trask gives us an overview of the ABS market, and explores whether your portfolio could benefit from an allocation to ABS.

Inflation: a hall of mirrors for the investor

John Harney looks beyond the headline inflation numbers, focusing on various sectors and the current post-pandemic context, and explains some important lessons for the investor when considering inflation.

Is inflation coming over the hill?

Rory Sturrock questions if inflation is the monster coming over the hill, what kind of inflation could we be looking at, and how investors can prepare for the possible scenario?

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