How do you decide?

Nikki Matthews addresses the decision-making dynamics that investors often face, building on the idea of Groupthink we explored in the last edition of Vista.

Dial-up your returns with fibre broadband

Working from home during lockdown has emphasised the need for fast and reliable broadband. James Baldwin asks: Is this an investment opportunity, and is it attractive?

Green grids and white papers

Kyle Martin gives us an overview of the many changes we could see as the economy decarbonises over the next 30 years and what opportunities exist for investors.

Ctrl-alt-delete: Reboot your bonds

Jennifer Davidson looks at how investors might want to re-boot their bond portfolios to make a meaningful difference to returns.

Corporate defaults: Locked out or socially distanced?

Madeline Chelper updates us on another pressing risk: corporate bond defaults. These haven’t materialised as predicted in 2020 - but what does the future hold?

The dog that didn't bark

In the first of our two connected articles on inflation, Dan Mikulskis looks at why inflation may, or may not, be an issue in the coming years.

How will your portfolio perform if the inflation dog does bark?

In the second connected article on inflation, Matt Gibson considers what investors could do in the face of looming inflation risk.

Low carbon bonds: Responsible investing beyond equities

Jacob Stevens describes a framework we are using with clients to reduce the carbon emissions from bond portfolios.

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